I have been making quilts for 25 years. I am enamored with the history and tradition of quilts as well as the quilt makers themselves. All quilts have a story to tell, both old and new. I have extensive experience in quilt restoration as well as quiltmaking. I have made well over 200 quilts and have serviced more than 100. Many quilts surviving through the generations in a family cannot withstand the test of time and begin to fall apart. This is where quilt restoration can be a solution so that it may live on to be a treasured heirloom. Quilts can be a design piece and/or a commemorative work of art. The commemorative quilt is a quilt made from commemorative fabrics – T-shirts, clothes from a deceased loved one, a wedding dress, baby clothes. The memories contained within a commemorative quilt are extremely meaningful as is the process of working with the customer to design their very own. Quilts surely have a story to tell.

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