I have been making quilts for 25 years. I am enamored with the history and tradition of quilts as well as the quilt makers themselves. All quilts have a story to tell, both old and new. I have extensive experience in quilt restoration as well as quiltmaking. I have made well over 200 quilts and have serviced more than 100. Many quilts surviving through the generations in a family cannot withstand the test of time and begin to fall apart. This is where quilt restoration can be a solution so that it may live on to be a treasured heirloom. Quilts can be a design piece and/or a commemorative work of art. The commemorative quilt is a quilt made from commemorative fabrics – T-shirts, clothes from a deceased loved one, a wedding dress, baby clothes. The memories contained within a commemorative quilt are extremely meaningful as is the process of working with the customer to design their very own. Quilts surely have a story to tell.

About Kristin

I have been making heirloom quality quilts for over 25 years. My expertise and interest is in finishing quilts, doing restoration/repair work and in making new quilts.  Also,  a very special area of interest for me is in making commemorative quilts:  I have made quilts from a deceased loved one’s clothes, a baby quilt for a person out of her baby clothes, a quilt from a beloved mother’s wedding dress, and T-shirt quilts from a high school or college students T-shirts.  All of these quilts have commemorated very effectively a person or special time of life.  I have made and/or finished a large variety of quilts for all occasions, I have restored quilts dating back to the 19th century, and have done repair work on all types of quilts. My mission is to maintain the utmost quality in my work so as to preserve the heirloom quality of all the quilts I work on. I have developed a tremendous appreciation for traditional quiltmaking and wish to keep traditional quilts alive through my work. It gives me great joy to bring a vintage quilt top to life by finishing it according to the era in which it was made.  It also gives me great joy to work on these very special and meaningful quilts for all my customers.